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10.19.2017 Avoiding issues: Tips for preventative maintenance for commercial buildings - Duct work in commercial buildings is very important — clean ducts benefit air quality, improve heating and cooling systems, and increase ventilation. Caring for commercial ducts is imperative for not only ensuring the longevity of the duct work, but also for your patrons’ health. The best way to avoid long term damage is to practice preventative measures. Here are a few tips to prevent damage to ducts in commercial buildings: Stay on top of routine maintenance. The best way to prevent any damage is to continually maintain your duct work. This includes routine cleaning and complying with manufacturer schedules for things such as changing filters and cleaning coils. Seal duct work when necessary. If there’s construction or building renovations, close off ducts to prevent dust and debris from entering the HVAC system. Follow routine inspection recommendations. Associations such as the National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommend HVAC systems and air duct work be inspected regularly for cleanliness and issues. Standards are different depending on what the building is used for — hospitals and healthcare facilities should be inspected annually. Check with a professional HVAC cleaning company for more information. Keep an eye out for issues. Constant vigilance is key to preventative maintenance. Watch for signs of water damage, microbial growth, debris build up, dust discharge or odors stemming from duct work. Being aware of any irregularities can help nip any problematic issues in the bud. What preventative maintenance do you do daily or annually to ensure your HVAC systems stay working properly? Is it time to complete your annual maintenance checks? Give our team a call today to schedule your appointment. »Read More


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