Risks of dirty exhaust systems — what could happen?

Posted on Oct 31, 2016

Ducts and exhaust systems should be cleaned regularly to prevent a number of potential issues. Built-up dust, fat, lint and grease can cause problems for machines and people, sometimes leading to fire or health problems.
Possible risks of a dirty system include:

  1. Fire hazard
    Fat and grease from the fumes condense on the hood or ducts in a kitchen, and lint from dryers clogs exhaust vents. When those particles build up in the hood or exhaust of kitchens or buildings, that build up is potential fuel for fires. Even filters can get clogged if not regularly maintained, decreasing their effectiveness
  2. Health risks
    A system that is blocked or stifled with grease and dust can push unhealthy fumes and particles back into a kitchen or home. A dirty system is also less effective.

  3. Mechanical problems
    A blocked exhaust system can cause problems for your machinery. If ducts are clogged, they may not be operating at full potential, wasting energy and damaging the
    exhaust systems components.  Damaged ducts and systems need to be replaced more often, costing you more money in the long run.

In hot, humid places such as Hawaii, these risks can be greater with the development of mold and fungi. The best way to prevent any issues is through regular maintenance, including professional cleaning.

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