What’s the best way to clean tight spaces?

Posted on Dec 8, 2016

Cleaning confined spaces can be a challenge. Not only does it take time and energy, but the process can also present hazards for residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike. Sometimes, permits are required to clean certain areas, such as confined spaces with a hazardous atmosphere, exposed wiring or limited means of entry and exit.

How Often Should You Clean?

Spaces like these, which often include sewers, pits, crawl spaces, attics and boiler rooms, do need to be cleaned regularly. Proper maintenance is key to keeping equipment running properly and the building healthy for all inhabitants.

However, cleaning those tight spaces can be overwhelming.

OSHA Regulations for Cleaning Confined Spaces

How do I know if I need a permit to enter this space? How do I know when it is time to clean a confined area? According to regulations through OSHA, only workers who have been trained to work in a permit space may do so. There are many unexpected challenges in some confined spaces that may present hazards to the untrained eye.

That’s why hiring a professional crew is always the best option. Pick a company trained to clean and maintain confined spaces, such as AIRPRO Indoor Air Solutions.

Trust the HVAC Cleaning Services Professionals

Do you have a confined space that needs cleaning? Or are you unsure of how often you should clean? Give us a call to set up an appointment.