Why to have your trash chute cleaned regularly

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

With most commercial buildings, apartment complexes need regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure tenants and owners get the most out of the facility. One of the often-overlooked areas to maintain is the trash chute or trash compactor. These are usually out of sight, which leads building owners to forget annual maintenance. However, forgoing regular cleanings can have dire repercussions for your facility, which will cost you money and business in the long run.

Pest: The food and waste that builds up along trash chute walls and floor can attract some unwanted guests. Cockroaches, flies, insects, and rodents are attracted to the smell of decomposing food, and if left unchecked, could lead to an infestation.

Odor: Tons of bacteria grows in uncleaned trash chutes, causing quite an unpleasant smell. Tenants and visitors will not be happy with these odors!

Health risks: In addition to a smell, the air quality around a dirty trash chute can decrease. This could cause health issues for tenants in the building.

Fire: Built up grease or food waste can be kindling for a fire.

Damage: If you’re not keeping an eye on your trash chute, preliminary signs of damage may go undetected. If damage worsens, you may have to replace the chute, which is not only expensive, but inconvenient to both you and your tenants.

If you don’t know the last time you had your trash chute cleaned (or if you avoid walking by the chute due to smell!) it’s time to schedule your regular maintenance. Contact a  local professional to get started.