Regular Trash Chute and Trash Compactor Cleaning

Posted on Sep 4, 2018

SomeIn both residential and commercial buildings, it is important to have your trash chute or trash compactors cleaned on a regular basis. Without proper maintenance,  trash chutes and trash compactors can cause serious issues, including:

Unpleasant odors:

Just like garbage left out for too long will start to stink, a messy trash compactor can give off a foul odor if not properly maintained. As trash, food and other items begin to mold and grow bacteria, it will only get worse.

Possible health risks:

Bacteria and mold can grow in a dirty trash chute and trash compactor, which can cause health problems (LINK: OTHER BLOG) for you and your family.

To prevent these issues and other problems, be sure you’re having your trash chute and trash compactor cleaned on a regular basis. Learn more about what you can do yourself here.