4 reasons you should have your air ducts cleaned

Posted on Jan 18, 2019

There are several major reasons to clean your air ducts on a regular basis. Whether you live in a single-family residential home, or you own a commercial property, it is important to maintain HVAC systems. This will help prevent health problems, save money and increase the life of your air duct systems. Here are four reasons to have annual cleaning done on your HVAC system:


Itchy eyes, excessive sneezing or an irritated nose are all signs of allergies. But before you reach for the seasonal medication, think about what might be in your home that is irritating you. Cleaning your air ducts and HVAC ducts on an annual basis helps remove allergens such as dust and pollen, and keep it from spreading to your home. This can also help prevent additional medical issues, such as asthma attacks.


Many air ducts may develop damp, humid portions if not maintained regularly. This moisture may be the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. Regular maintenance for HVAC systems will help prevent unwanted growth.

Vermin infestations

Unfortunately, HVAC ducts are an easy place for vermin, insects or spiders to live — or worse, die. Regular cleaning prevents build up, and help prevent infestations before they get started. 

Save money

Cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis helps increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. Years of dust, dander, hair and other pollutants can build up in the system, meaning the HVAC system has to work harder to deliver the same airflow. When these debris are removes, fans and motors will no longer have to work as hard, increasing the longevity of your system and saving you money. 

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