Benefits of IKECA Cleaning Certifications

Posted on Feb 12, 2020

Every year, IKECA ( International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association) meets to discuss industry standards, knowledge, and advancements. For more information on this conference and the benefits of becoming certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, keep reading below!


The IKECA Conference

The annual IKECA Conference is a technical seminar and expo where current and new members meet together to discuss business, learn new techniques, and network together. Below are all the details you need to know about this professional event:


The location of the IKECA Conference changes every year, with locations being chosen all over the United States. This is so that all professionals have a chance to attend no matter where they live and work in the country. 


The IKECA Conference takes place at least once a year and lasts several days in order to provide the maximum amount of time to interact, educate, and grow as professionals. 


At these events, you can expect to attend educational sessions with technicians and leaders. You can also plan for social events, networking opportunities, an industry trade show, and vendor demonstrations. This truly is a well-rounded event that all kitchen exhaust professionals would benefit from tremendously. 

Getting IKECA Certified

Attending the IKECA Conference is great but getting IKECA certified is even better. This a great certification to have on your professional resume because it offers plenty of benefits to you and your business. 

The Benefits

So what exactly are the benefits? Below are three great reasons why you should be considering an IKECA Certification today:

Advanced skill set

Most importantly, earning an IKECA Certification will advance your professional skill set. With an IKECA Certification on your resume, you’ll be able to service an entire kitchen exhaust system including duct work and the rooftop fan. Other technicians can only provide a typical “hood cleaning.”

Professional advantages

With an advanced skill set, you’ll be open to many more professional advantages. Potential clients will be able to use your services for a wider variety of tasks, which means more money in your pocket and a higher customer satisfaction rating.

Networking opportunities

As mentioned before, being an IKECA certified technician also means that you have networking opportunities that others don’t. You’ll be able to attend expos, events, and meetings with advanced skills, making the effort of marketing yourself for more customers that much easier. 

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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