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Where To Start A DIY Inspection With Your HVAC System

Posted on Aug 15, 2020

  Nearly every home will have an HVAC system. These units are pivotal to ensure not only our comfort, but also our health. Neglected HVAC systems can fail quicker and easier than those that are maintained, leading to expensive repairs and replacements. Whether you bought a new home, or you just haven’t checked on your […]

How Long Does An HVAC System Last?

Posted on Aug 1, 2020

As we get into the hottest part of the year here in Hawaii, we’re reminded of the importance of our HVAC systems. Not only does the AC system help keep our homes cool, but it also helps reduce humidity and clean the air we breathe. This helps keep our homes safe and our families healthy! […]

Are HVAC Service Plans Worth It?

Posted on Jul 15, 2020

Whether you’re installing a new HVAC system in your home or commercial building, or repairing an existing system, many companies may offer you the option to sign up for a service plan. This service plan or maintenance agreement means that instead of paying for individual checkups, repairs and maintenance, you can pay a flat amount […]

When To Replace Your HVAC Unit

Posted on Jul 1, 2020

Even with annual maintenance and regular checkups,  HVAC systems will age over time. At some point, you will have to replace the HVAC system in your home. Here is how to tell when it is time to replace the system and how to install a new HVAC unit in your home.  Signs It’s Time To […]

Why Regular HVAC Systems Aren’t Optimal For Restaurants

Posted on Jun 15, 2020

HVAC systems are pivotal for any business or building where people are constantly coming and going. Business owners should always be aware of their HVAC system, but even more so in today’s world, where quality air supply and circulation are an important matter for the health of your employees, customers and community. This is especially […]

What Is A Dryer Exhaust System?

Posted on Jun 1, 2020

1The washer and dryer are some of the handiest household appliances in our modern homes. Just think about all the work and time that is saved with these machines! Drop some detergent and your dirty clothes in here, and with the push of a button, your clothes are clean, fresh and dry in no time […]

Can Dryer Exhaust Make You Sick?

Posted on May 15, 2020

When we do a load of laundry, it’s hard to resist grabbing the warm fabric and enjoying the smell of clean clothes. What we rarely think about is that drying your laundry generates a lot of air and heat. Usually, that heat and air are pushed outside the home through your exhaust system. We build […]

How Do Kitchen Exhaust Fans Work?

Posted on May 1, 2020

We have to vent about something… It’s your kitchen. Specifically… Your kitchen exhaust fan. Many don’t know how they work.  Your kitchen exhaust fan is critical to the health and safety of your kitchen. It can quickly improve the indoor air quality of your home, which can ward off a variety of health issues.  So… […]

Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Posted on Apr 15, 2020

We love Hawaii for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and warm climate… But who wants to live in Hawaii without air conditioning? For those that fail to maintain their HVAC system, that’s a reality. The average temperature in the summer is 84℉ and as temperatures rise, most people can’t wait to turn on their air […]

Is AC Maintenance Worth It?

Posted on Apr 1, 2020

Here comes the summer. It feels nice to shed the winter jackets and turn on the AC. As it gets warmer, that AC will come in handy for staying cool and comfortable. Maintaining Your AC Unit But before you turn on the air conditioner and let the crisp cold air circulate, you should consider some […]