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How dirty air ducts could be affecting your health

Posted on Sep 4, 2018

It may start with the sniffles, or maybe waking up in the morning with itchy eyes. Maybe you notice yourself sneezing more, or maybe breathing has become more difficult. While all of these may be caused by allergens such as pollen, there’s another possible culprit — dirty duct work. Air ducts need to be cleaned […]

How to tell if your dryer needs to be cleaned more often

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Dryers are a handy household appliance, but they come with a risk. Dryer ducts need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent machinery failure, fires and health problems. However, some dryers are more at risk than others. Your home could be at risk  if you fit any of these parameters: Your dryer ducts have not […]

Trash Compactor Cleaning

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

For many homeowners, trash compactors are overlooked during annual maintenance. However, they should be on your must-clean list at least twice a year. Today, we’re answering some of the most common questions our customers have about their trash chutes and trash compactors and debunking some common myths. How often should trash chutes be cleaned?  We recommend […]

DIY vs. Professional Trash Chute Cleaning

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

In the age of the internet, it’s easy to look up do-it-yourself ways to do household chores. Sometimes, these tips can be great, saving you time and money. But sometimes, there are a few things that are best left to a professional. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the trash compactor in your home, do […]

Why to have your trash chute cleaned regularly

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

With most commercial buildings, apartment complexes need regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure tenants and owners get the most out of the facility. One of the often-overlooked areas to maintain is the trash chute or trash compactor. These are usually out of sight, which leads building owners to forget annual maintenance. However, forgoing regular cleanings can […]

5 signs that it’s time to clean your dryer exhaust

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

The dryer is one of the most convenient pieces of machinery in our homes. We don’t have to wait for a nice day to dry clothes on the line, and in less than an hour, we can have completely clean clothing! However, your dryer can also be one of the most troublesome if not properly […]

Top benefits to having clean kitchen ducts

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

You know there’s a benefit to running a clean kitchen — happy customers, happy staff and delicious food! But did you realize that cleanliness should extend to the parts of your kitchen that you can’t see? Your kitchen duct system should be cleaned annually, and not just because the health department advises it. Here are […]

True or false — HVAC Cleaning Myths and Answers

Posted on Jan 22, 2018

Do you have questions about cleaning your HVAC system? There’s a lot of information floating around, so we want to set the record straight on some of the most common myths. Myth #1 — It’s only necessary if you see dirt in the ducts. FALSE 
Regardless of whether your HVAC duct is visibly dusty or not, […]

About the ACR standards and how they help us

Posted on Jan 22, 2018

Just like any industry, the businesses in the duct and HVAC cleaning industry follow certain standards for safe and proper operating procedures. The Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems is a standard operating procedure that gives guidelines to those businesses to help them continue good practices. The Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems, also […]

Risks of clogged dryer vents — and how to prevent it

Posted on Nov 14, 2017

Cleaning your dryer vents may not be one of the chores you think about often, but it should be at the top of your to-do list at least once a year. There are many reasons to keep dryer vents clean. What are the risks of not cleaning dryer vents? Each year, nearly 16,000 home fires […]