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5 signs that it’s time to clean your dryer exhaust

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

The dryer is one of the most convenient pieces of machinery in our homes. We don’t have to wait for a nice day to dry clothes on the line, and in less than an hour, we can have completely clean clothing! However, your dryer can also be one of the most troublesome if not properly […]

Top benefits to having clean kitchen ducts

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

You know there’s a benefit to running a clean kitchen — happy customers, happy staff and delicious food! But did you realize that cleanliness should extend to the parts of your kitchen that you can’t see? Your kitchen duct system should be cleaned annually, and not just because the health department advises it. Here are […]

True or false — HVAC Cleaning Myths and Answers

Posted on Jan 22, 2018

Do you have questions about cleaning your HVAC system? There’s a lot of information floating around, so we want to set the record straight on some of the most common myths. HVAC Cleaning Myths MYTH #1 It’s only necessary if you see dirt in the ducts. FALSE Regardless of whether your HVAC duct is visibly dusty […]

About the ACR standards and how they help us

Posted on Jan 22, 2018

Just like any industry, the businesses in the duct and HVAC cleaning industry follow certain standards for safe and proper operating procedures. The Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems is a standard operating procedure that gives guidelines to those businesses to help them continue good practices. The Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems, also […]

Risks of clogged dryer vents — and how to prevent it

Posted on Nov 14, 2017

Tips to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean Cleaning your dryer vents may not be one of the chores you think about often, but it should be at the top of your to-do list at least once a year. There are many reasons to keep dryer vents clean. What are the risks of not cleaning dryer […]

Why clean a commercial kitchen hood?

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

There’s a lot that goes into cooking a wonderful meal at a restaurant — research, gathering ingredients, prepping the food, cooking and clean up. However, the work doesn’t end there. Did you know that you should have your commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure the safety and longevity of your kitchen? […]

Avoiding issues: Tips for preventative maintenance for commercial buildings

Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Duct work in commercial buildings is very important — clean ducts benefit air quality, improve heating and cooling systems, and increase ventilation. Caring for commercial ducts is imperative for not only ensuring the longevity of the duct work, but also for your patrons’ health. The best way to avoid long term damage is to practice […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Cleaning your trash chute

Posted on Oct 12, 2017

Cleaning your trash chute may not be the most glamorous job, but it’s necessary to keep your building looking — and smelling — fresh. It’s an important annual job that will help keep your building clean and increase the life of your system. Here are a few questions the team at Airpro Hawaii frequently receives regarding […]

Cutting costs: About evaporative cooling systems

Posted on Jun 13, 2017

Oftentimes, about 40 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings can be traced back to the HVAC systems. So it’s no wonder that when building owners look to cut costs, they look to these systems. But before you completely shut off your air conditioning this summer in an attempt to save a few dollars, […]

4 tips to prevent mold growth

Posted on May 30, 2017

As warm weather and tropical storms start, many people turn their sights to the outdoors. However, there could be potential dangers and damage lurking indoors this time of year. For some properties, water damage can result in mold growth, which can cause health problems, as well as cut short the life of your machinery. To […]