Do You Need Duct Cleaning for Your Hotel?

Posted on Apr 22, 2019

With the rise of review websites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, the hospitality industry is often under the microscope. Customers can rate and review hotels based on many aspects, such as amenities, customer service or price. One of the most important factors, however, is a hotel’s cleanliness. Maintaining a good reputation is very important for business, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness is key to good reviews. One area that can greatly improve your hotel’s cleanliness is having your duct systems and HVAC systems cleaned on a regular basis.

The Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

Clean duct systems ensure that the air your customers breath is clean. As we’ve previously discussed, there are plenty of health and monetary benefits to cleaning your duct system regularly. A hotel is no different; if anything, it’s more important, as there are more people coming in and out of your building, tracking in debris, allergens or toxins. Here are a few reasons you should have your duct system professionally cleaned in your hotel:

Health reasons 

Keeping your ducts clean prevents dust and allergens from getting into rooms and public spaces, and allows your HVAC system to do its job quickly and efficiently. This helps prevent customers from suffering from allergies or reparatory diseases, as well as lowers the chances that employees will get sick.

Safety regulations 

Hotels follow strict safety and health codes, and keeping a clean building is one of these! Don’t just vacuum; remember to clean the parts of the hotel you can’t see on a regular basis.

Prevent fires

Build-up in your duct system can spark another issue — fires. Cleaning your HVAC system prevents fires or other problematic issues.

Spend less money

Having a professional service regularly clean your duct system will ensure the machinery runs properly and increases the longevity of the equipment. A professional duct cleaning service can also spot potential issues and fix them before they become a costly problem.

When was the last time your hotel duct work was professionally cleaned? Contact AIRPRO Indoor Solutions to schedule your next duct system cleaning.

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