Dryer Problems? Here are Some Solutions

Posted on Jun 17, 2019

You just went to throw that load of laundry into the dryer and something awful happened – it’s not working right.

You’ve tried unplugging it and plugging it back in again. You’ve turned all the knobs and pushed all the buttons. Nothing is working and you’re ready to call a professional.

Before you do that, though, check these common dryer problems. The issue may be something simple that you haven’t thought of yet!

Common Dryer Problems

There are lots of potential dryer issues that you may come across but we’ve made it easy and included five of the most common below, with potential causes and easy fixes. Please note: before attempting any repairs on appliances, ensure your safety by turning off all gas and electricity first!

Problem #1

Dryer won’t start

If your dryer won’t start at all, there are several issues that may be behind it.

Likely cause

The likely cause behind this issue is a blown thermal fuse. When the heat becomes too much in your dryer, the fuse blows, rendering the appliance temporarily useless.


If your dryer has too much lint build up, then the thermal fuse will blow because the heat is not escaping the dryer. Before jumping ahead and just replacing the fuse, though, do a thorough cleaning of the dryer. Clean the lint screen first. Then, try cleaning the duct with a vent cleaning kit that you can buy at your local hardware store for $20.

Problem #2

Dryer is making weird noises

If your dryer keeps making some clunking noises every time you try to dry a load of laundry, then it may be time to do some investigating.

Likely cause

The likely cause behind this issue is the dryer seal. It may have something stuck inside it. It may also be failing due to constantly overloading it or putting foreign objects in it, such as coins, key chains, car keys, etc.


To fix this problem, check around the seal to see if there is anything lodged in it. If not, then you may need to replace the seal on the dryer all together. Going forward, always make sure that you are checking pockets before putting anything in the dryer and not overloading it with clothes.

If the problem is not caused by the seal, then there may be another issue going on. Click here to read this blog post about other potential causes.

dryer exhaust cleaning service

Problem #3

Dryer runs for a few minutes then shuts off

If you notice that your dryer starts a cycle like normal but then shuts off after a few minutes, don’t start searching for a new dryer just yet.

Likely cause

The cause behind this problem is likely the thermostat. The thermostat in your dryer controls the heating element, ensuring the temperature is not rising too high. If this breaks, then the dryer will shut off as soon as the temp rises to a high level. The thermostat may break because of compacted lint in the vents, or from an overloaded machine.


If the thermostat breaks, then you will need to replace it. You can either go to the hardware store and try to do this yourself, or you can contact a professional. Either way, make sure that the vents are clear before replacing the thermostat, or else the problem will not go away.

Problem #4

Dryer is running but the clothes aren’t dry

It can be frustrating when your dryer goes through an entire cycle and doesn’t dry the clothes at all.

Likely cause

Most likely, this issue is caused by a broken heating element. If the heating element breaks, then the air circulating in your dryer will not heat up. Without hot air, the clothes don’t dry. Much like problem #3, if the vents are clogged or the dryer is consistently overloaded, then this may cause the element to go out.


If the heating element stops working, then it will need to be replaced. You can find tutorials for replacing this yourself. However, we would recommend asking a professional for help to ensure it is replaced correctly.

Problem #5

The dryer drum isn’t spinning

If you start a load in the dryer but notice the drum isn’t spinning, then keep reading below.

Likely cause

The cause behind a dryer drum not spinning is most likely the dryer belt. The dryer belt is an elastic loop that is essential to spinning the drum in your dryer. If this belt breaks at any time, then there won’t be any spinning at all. Without spinning, the dryer can’t get your clothes dry.


To fix the dryer belt, you’ll need to replace it. Luckily, this is simple to do. Most hardware stores have belts that you can purchase. Just remember to take your old one with you so that you’re getting the correct replacement part. After that, you can follow this guide to replace it or you can call a professional.

Trust Your Local Dryer Duct Cleaning Service Professionals

The most common issues that people have with their dryer can be linked to clogged dryer ducts. Therefore, it is essential that you clean them on a regular basis so your machine can run normally.

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