What Is Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Why Is It Necessary?

Posted on Feb 12, 2020

If you have a kitchen hood in your restaurant, chances are you know that you need to clean it regularly. After all, the safety and health of your business depends on it. But what exactly is restaurant kitchen hood cleaning and why is it necessary?

To learn more about the kitchen hood cleaning process, keep reading below. 


What is restaurant kitchen hood cleaning?

Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning is fairly simple. It is a regular process that needs to be completed to keep the kitchen hood clean and healthy. The cleaning process includes cleaning individual parts and removing grease. It also involves cleaning the hood itself and clearing vents of debris. 

Why is it necessary?

The cleaning process for restaurant kitchen hoods is extremely important for health and safety. By practicing proper restaurant kitchen hood cleaning, you are: 

Preventing fire

The biggest reason for cleaning a kitchen hood is fire prevention. Without proper cleaning, grease can build up in the system. This build up can eventually ignite fires that can destroy entire kitchens and buildings. Therefore, restaurant kitchen hood cleaning can prevent disasters and keep everyone safe. 

Improving air quality

Along with fire prevention, kitchen hood cleaning can also improve air quality. If grease builds up in the hood, it will have to work harder to clear the air of smoke and prevent overheating. Long term inadequate air flow can cause the quality of food to diminish and can even cause pain and discomfort in employees. 

Protecting equipment

Preventing equipment breakdown is a major reason why restaurant kitchen hood cleaning is a must. If you allow the grease to build up too much, it can cause the equipment throughout the kitchen to act up or stop working at all. This means more money out of the business’ pocket and loss of revenue from customers. 

As you can see, restaurant kitchen hood cleaning is incredibly important, not only for business function but also for the health and safety of everyone involved.


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