Understanding Trash Chute Cleaning

Posted on Mar 1, 2020

Property managers and maintenance personnel work hard to keep their properties clean and beautiful. To do this, they spend time every day completing regular upkeep and maintenance chores. One important task they complete on a regular basis is trash chute cleaning. This is important, especially in Hawaii, because the hot and humid temperatures can cause mold and bacteria growth if left untreated.

Want to learn more about trash chute cleaning and why it’s important? Keep reading below. 


What is Trash Chute Cleaning?

Trash chute cleaning is the process of cleaning and maintaining a trash chute system by removing buildup and checking operational systems. It is important to do this often because it helps prevent odors, mold and bacteria growth, and even pest infestation. 

Why is it Important?

There are many reasons why trash chute cleaning is important. It not only keeps a property looking clean but it also aids in:

Food and growth particle removal

No one likes looking into a trash chute only to see food, grease, and other questionable materials building up. With regular trash chute cleaning, you can keep these food and particle growths to a minimum. 

Odor control

Regular trash chute cleaning can also help keep nasty odors down because food and other particles are being removed before they can grow and create mold. Trust us, everyone is very thankful for this!

Prevents fires

Did you know that grease can cause major fires? It’s true. Grease fires are dangerous for any building and can lead to extensive damage and injury. These fires can be prevented though, with trash chute cleaning. With regular maintenance, the grease is removed before it has a chance to build up in the system and the building is at less risk of grease fires going forward. 

Pest deterrent

All those food and growth particles can invite some unwanted guests. However, regular trash chute cleaning can deter pests from coming around. There won’t be any food around for them to eat, so they’ll go elsewhere and bother other buildings and communities. That’s enough to make the process worth it on its own!

Trash chute longevity

Most importantly, regular trash chute cleaning can prolong the life of the chute itself. It will be less likely to break down or need repairs, which can save hundreds and thousands over several years. 

See, there are plenty of reasons why regular trash chute cleaning is important. Want to know how to clean your trash chute on your own? Click here to read our previous blog post about it!


Trash Chute Repairs

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