7 Skills Your HVAC Service Technician Should Have

Posted on Mar 15, 2020

Are you in need of an HVAC service technician to help you with some repairs? If so, there are a few things you should keep in mind before hiring someone. After all, you want to make sure you’re hiring a true professional who is capable of the task at hand.

If you’re looking around for an HVAC service technician, you should pay attention to their skills and qualifications. Their skillset will tell you how qualified they are for the job and how helpful they will be to you.

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Before hiring an HVAC service technician, make sure that they have these 7 basic skills:

1. Natural customer service skills

Customer service and satisfaction is incredibly important. Therefore, you want to hire an HVAC service tech that can naturally listen to your needs and do their very best to accommodate them. If they aren’t great with communication and customer service, how will you know that your needs are being met 100%?

Additionally, an HVAC tech with great customer service skills is more likely to spend time explaining their repairs to you. They’ll offer solutions to fit your needs and budget, which tells you that they want what’s best for you. 

2. Knowledge of HVAC systems and methods

An obvious skill but definitely important to note – an HVAC service technician should have a thorough and complete knowledge of HVAC systems and methods. This includes air conditioners and heating systems, in addition to ductwork and air filters. If they aren’t completely knowledgeable in these systems, how are they going to know what to do with yours?

3. Knowledge of safety standards and protocols

An HVAC system is just like any other appliance or machine. It can pose some safety hazards if not managed correctly. Therefore, you need an HVAC service technician that has complete knowledge of safety standards and protocols. They should know how to turn off the system before working on it and how to react in situations such as confined spaces, heights, and emergencies like fire. After all, their knowledge can make all the difference in keeping your home safe and secure. 

4. Problem Solving skills

Oftentimes, you have no idea what’s actually wrong with an HVAC unit when you call a technician. Therefore, whoever you decide to hire should have excellent problem solving skills. They will need to be able to investigate the entire system and find the cause of your issues, sometimes with little to no information to go on beforehand. 

For example, you may notice that your air conditioning has stopped working and you have no idea why or what could be causing it. Your service tech needs to be able to come in and do a thorough analysis. They’ll need problem solving skills to find the issue without relying on you to tell them what is wrong. 

5. Ability to read blueprints

An experienced HVAC service technician can’t find and repair the issue without first understanding the layout of the system. Therefore, they need to be able to read blueprints. Detailed blueprints will show them how the system is laid out, where the duct work sits, and how everything works together. With this knowledge, they can then develop a plan of attack to find the root cause of your issue. If they can’t read the blueprints, how are they ever going to find the problem and fix it?

6. Comfort around all types of tools

HVAC technicians use plenty of tools on a daily basis. This includes simple tools like hammers and screwdrivers. It also includes specific tools of the trade such as acetylene torches, carbon monoxide detectors and more. In order to repair or replace an HVAC system correctly, they will need to know how to use these tools. Without proper knowledge, how can you be sure that they’ll be doing their job correctly and efficiently? 

7. Desire to continue learning

Lastly, a great HVAC service technician always has the desire to continue learning. After all, the world of HVAC is constantly evolving. There are new products and approaches to HVAC services every year and a great technician will do whatever it takes to keep up to date on these changes. If they’re not motivated to keep themselves on top of industry trends, how will you know that you’re receiving top of the line service and care?

If the service technician you’re looking into hiring has these 7 skills, you can feel comfortable knowing they will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. If they don’t have these skills, it’s best to move on and find someone else. 


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