How Duct Cleaning Works

Posted on Dec 15, 2020

As we have discussed in previous blogs, duct cleaning is an important part of maintenance for your home and HVAC system. Proper cleaning can prevent mold, mildew and clogging, and can increase the efficiency and longevity of your system, saving you money. However, many homeowners may have never cleaned the duct work in their home, or it may have been years since they called a professional air duct cleaning service to take care of the job (after all, your HVAC system is not one of the appliances you see or think about very often!) If it has been a while since you hired a professional to clean your HVAC system and ductwork, you may be wondering what to expect during your duct cleaning. 

How Often Should Ducts Be Cleaned? 

According to the EPA, you should have your air ducts cleaned whenever necessary. Some homes, such as those in areas with high levels of humidity or belonging to families with lots of pets or people living inside, may need to have their duct work cleaned more often. 

If you are noticing more pollutants in your home, it may be time for a cleaning. There are ways to help keep your ducts cleaner. For instance, continually changing the filters on your HVAC system will ensure the system keeps circulating air efficiently, as will having your system services regularly. In addition, keeping your home clean and dry, such as regularly cleaning and fixing leaks immediately when they happen, will help prevent mold and debris throughout your home. 

Hiring A Duct Cleaning Company 

Like choosing any professional to do work around your home, there are a few factors to consider ensuring you are getting a good deal and the working is being done properly. 

  • Look for someone with good reviews
    As with many household professionals, one of the best ways to find a good duct cleaning business is by word of mouth. Check with your neighbors, friends and family to see who they have worked with in the past and who they found to be reputable, respectable and affordable. 
  • Find a NADCA professional
    The National Air Duct Cleaners Association is a nonprofit association of companies that clean and manage HVAC systems. The group focuses on establishing industry standards and providing a list of qualified companies that can inspect, clean and restore HVAC systems. You can search the NADCA website for qualified companies in your area, as well as research specific topics on their blog. 
  • Conduct your own interview
    Feel like you have found a company that sounds reputable? Feel free to ask your own questions to ensure you are comfortable with their qualifications. When getting a quote about service, you can also ask about their team’s qualifications, procedures, experience and if they comply with the NADCA’s air duct cleaning standards.  

What To Expect When The Duct Cleaning Professional Arrives 

Duct cleaning may sound like a strange item on your to-do list – how does someone clean and service the duct work anyway? We have compiled a short check list of the steps your duct cleaning professional will walk through while they are at your home. Don’t be afraid to ask HVAC questions either!

  • Open all access ports and doors to inspect and clean the entire system.
  • Inspect the system before cleaning to ensure it is safe. They may specifically look for materials that could contain asbestos, such as insulation or register boots. If they find materials that could contain asbestos, they will follow a specialized procedure to move forward safely. 
  • Lay protective coverings on furniture and carpeting if necessary. 
  • Use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuuming equipment, as well as controlled brushing, to dislodge dust and other particles. 
  • If duct boards are lined with fiberglass, they will use soft-bristled brushed to access and clean the interior of duct work.
  • Perform minor maintenance and preventative care, such as sealing holes or mending cracks to ensure the ductwork remains efficient and airtight. 
  • Follow industry standards from organizations such as NADCA’s standards for air duct cleaning to ensure your home stays clean and safe during the procedure. 

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