Do You Need An Exhaust Fan In Your Kitchen?

Posted on Jun 15, 2021

We have all been annoyed by a loud, blowing exhaust fan. Whether you are trying to have a conversation in your home while cooking dinner or hear orders called by servers in a restaurant, exhaust fans can sometimes be an annoyance. Additionally, it is one more thing you need to find space for in your kitchen. So are exhaust fans really necessary in kitchens? While the answer differs slightly based on a commercial kitchen or a residential kitchen, experts still highly recommend including an exhaust fan in your kitchen. Read on to learn why. 

Exhaust Fans for Commercial Kitchens

Exhaust fans and systems are an absolute must for commercial kitchens. Not only are there a variety of benefits for your staff and customers, including odor controls, comfort level and cleanliness, but commercial kitchens are required to have exhaust systems by several codes and laws. Failure to plan to install a commercial exhaust system of the right size and power could mean you have to go back later to reinstall a system, which means additional time and money. Instead, plan to include an exhaust fan in your commercial kitchen from the start. 

Do Residential Kitchens Need Exhaust Fans?

The kitchen in your home probably has an exhaust fan installed already. But if you are building a new home or remodeling, you may wonder if you need to have an exhaust fan in your residential kitchen. In short, the answer is no, you do not have to have an exhaust fan in your residential kitchen. However, kitchen exhaust fans play a big role in maintaining good, safe air quality in your home and protecting the health of your family. So while there is no building code that says you have to have a residential kitchen exhaust system, you will probably want to install one anyway. 

Importance of Kitchen Exhaust Fans 

The kitchen exhaust fan plays an important role in protecting the health of your family, staff and customer, as well as the air quality of your home or building. Here are a few top reasons you will want an exhaust fan in your residential or commercial kitchen

  • Air Quality – Kitchen exhaust fans help remove dust and debris particles from the air. When you are cooking in your home or restaurant, the stove can release toxic gases and ultra-fine particles into the air, which, if not removed, circulate and can expose everyone in the area to harsh particles.
  • Cleanliness – In addition to potentially toxic particles, food particles are also released into the air while you are cooking. Oils, fats and grease particles may be released into the air, and if not removed, may settle on other surfaces in your kitchen, such as cabinets and countertops. If this is a residential kitchen, the constant cleaning may drive you nuts. In a commercial kitchen, lack of cleanliness can lead to health code violations.
  • Odors – Other particles released while cooking may contain odors. While it might be nice to come home to the smell of dinner on the stove, imagine that smell lingering for hours or even days. Additionally, in a commercial kitchen, imagine the smell of a seafood dinner mixing with the scent of a chocolate dessert – not pleasant! For the comfort of everyone in the area, kitchen exhaust fans help remove odor particles that would otherwise make the room unbearable.
  • Temperature Regulation – The exhaust hood helps to regulate the temperature in the kitchen, especially in commercial kitchens where stoves can produce a lot of heat. Without proper ventilation, that extra heat has nowhere to go. Not only will this make your chef uncomfortable, but it can also increase the temperature of other areas in the building, increasing cooling costs.
  • Moisture Control – Another part of temperature regulation includes moisture control. Once those hot particles start to cool down, moisture collects as water droplets on walls and surfaces throughout the room. Failure to remove water can cause damage to countertops, finishes and equipment. Moisture can also lead to mold growth, which may have additional damage as well as cause food items to go bad quicker. 

Exhaust Fan Installation and Maintenance 

Whether you are building a brand new commercial kitchen or planning a remodel of your home, you will want to include an exhaust fan in your kitchen. Do you have additional questions about exhaust fan maintenance or construction? Contact the team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions today to talk to our qualified team for more information.

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