What All Does Duct Cleaning Cover?

Posted on Jul 15, 2021

We spend a lot of our time indoors, be it in our home relaxing, working or sleeping. Because of this, the air quality indoors is very important. While a nice candle or baking some cookies might make your house smell nice, the real important component of good quality indoor air is your HVAC system. In addition to heating and cooling your home, your HVAC system cycles through the air in your home, cleaning and filtering the air to remove pet dander, dust, allergens and debris. That is why it is important to regularly maintain your HVAC system by having your duct work cleaned. 

What is Air Duct Cleaning? 

Duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of the various parts of the heating and cooling system components. If not properly installed, maintained and operated, the HVAC system can accumulate dust, debris, pollen, dander and even mold or pests over time, forcing debris from these into the home when air is forced through the system. 

The service will depend on several factors, including the size of your HVAC system, your system’s accessibility, the climate or region you live in, and the level of contamination in your ductwork and HVAC system. You should always have your air ducts cleaned by a certified professional who has the experience, training and tools to complete the job. If ducts are cleaned poorly or by an amateur, it could continue to release allergens and debris into your home, making the entire cleaning moot. 

What Does Duct Cleaning Entail? 

A typical duct cleaning will clean various components on your home’s forced air system, including: 

  • Heat exchanger
  • Blower motor and housing
  • Supply and return air ducts and registers
  • Grillers and diffusers
  • Evaporator coil, drain and drain pan 
  • And more 

Prior to the service, the cleaning professional will discuss which components will be cleaned in your home. The technicians then use specialized tools to remove debris and dirt in the system, followed by a thorough sanitizing process. They will also change any filters and test the operation of the system. If there are any underlying issues, such as moisture that might cause mold to regrow in the future, your technician will discuss steps for mitigation and repairs with you. 

Why Should You Have Your Ductwork Cleaned?

Over time, debris such as pollen, pet dander, mold and dust can build up in your HVAC system or even grease and oil in your kitchen hood. This can be caused by improper installation, lack of maintenance, the climate you live in or the number of people and pets in your home. Your HVAC system is designed to clean and filter the air in your home before putting it back into the living space, and if this filtration system is overworked, old or not working properly, the debris can get into the rest of the heating and cooling system. Additionally, poor conditions, such as moisture in the duct work or the presence of pests, can greatly exacerbate your HVAC system’s health. An HVAC system that contains mold, debris or pests can cause health problems for those in the home, cause excess dust or debris in the home, and worsen the air quality of the living space. 

Consider having your air ducts cleaned if:

  • You can see substantial mold growth inside your duct work or on other components of your heating, cooling, or exhaust systems. 
  • Your ductwork is infested with pests such as rodents or insects. 
  • You notice that your ductwork releases debris and particles into your home from the supply registers when the air flow is on. 
  • You notice an increase of debris, pet dander or dust in your home over time. 
  • Allergies or other respiratory issues are worse inside the home, especially when the air flow is on.

Finding an HVAC system cleaning technician

Make sure you hire a certified HVAC system cleaning technician. The team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions is professionally trained to provide outstanding service to our customers, keeping your home safe and comfortable. Contact our team today to schedule your regular heating and cooling system maintenance or cleaning.

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