Is A Kitchen Hood Necessary?

Posted on Sep 1, 2021

As you build or remodel your home or commercial restaurant, you may wonder where you can save money and cut costs. Do you really need the granite countertop? Is the backsplash too much, or a necessity? And what appliances are actually necessary? As you go down the list trying to find places to save money, there is one surprising place you should not cut corners – your kitchen hood. While it may seem like an appliance that does not get used that often, your kitchen hood is one of the hardest working appliances in your kitchen. Here is why a kitchen hood is a necessity.

Why do you need a kitchen hood?

When building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing kitchen, you may ask yourself if a kitchen hood is necessary. The short answer is yes, a kitchen hood is necessary. From regulating the air quality and temperature to removing odors and grease, a kitchen hood is imperative for a healthy, comfortable kitchen. While this appliance may be among the less obvious and least appreciated appliances in the building, it provides valuable support to your health, your comfort, and the longevity of many other appliances in your kitchen.

What are the benefits of a kitchen hood?

The kitchen hood may not look like much, but it provides a lot of value to your home or business. Whether you have a commercial kitchen or just a residential home, the kitchen hood is an important part of your culinary area. The benefits of a clean, functional kitchen hood include:

Kitchen Air Quality

One of the biggest and most important jobs of your kitchen hood and HVAC system overall are to maintain the air quality of your kitchen, restaurant, and home. The kitchen hood is designed to remove cooking byproducts from the air, including odors, smoke, grease, debris and other pollutants that may be released while cooking. The kitchen hood works by sucking air through a motorized fan, carrying it outside or through a filter, and then recirculating it through the home or business. Without it, those dining in the area might get scents of last night’s fish dish while eating their chocolate cake, and you may end up constantly cleaning grease off the tops of your counters. In addition to comfort, the kitchen hood also improves the air quality to prevent allergy issues, health issues, and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Comfort in the kitchen

In addition to creating a comfortable environment by removing excessive odors and maintain air quality, the kitchen hood also helps regulate the temperature of the kitchen. Cooking can produce a lot of heat, especially in a commercial kitchen with fryers, woks or open stovetops going al the same time. The kitchen hood helps remove excess heat and steam. This not only makes the cooking environment more comfortable but also helps save money on cooling costs.

Clean Up and Hygiene

While removing pollutants such as smoke, steam, and grease improves the air quality, it also helps keep the kitchen area clean. This is especially important for commercial kitchens, where a high level of cleanliness is required. Kitchen hoods remove excess smoke, steam, and grease which would otherwise land on surfaces in the kitchen or work their way into the appliances. This cuts down on cleaning time and costs, as well as prevents the growth of bacteria and mold.

How do you properly maintain a kitchen hood?

Because so much of the kitchen hood system and HVAC are unseen, it can sometimes be hard to understand why it is important to complete regular maintenance on your kitchen hood, including a regular kitchen hood cleaning by a professional. However, kitchen hoods and HVAC systems in homes and commercial kitchens will become clogged over time with grease and debris. These pollutants can include combustible material, which presents a danger to commercial kitchens and homes if left unchecked over time, Additionally, if the material is allowed to build up in the kitchen hood, it means the hood and the air ventilation system have to work harder to maintain the same level of cleanliness and climate control. This can wear the system down quicker, resulting in additional costs for repairs, replacements, and energy.

To maintain your kitchen hood system, you should have your kitchen hood and HVAC system cleaned regularly by ductwork professionals. The regularity of cleaning depends on the use of the kitchen – for a commercial kitchen that is heavily used most of the day, plan to have the kitchen hood cleaned more often than a residential home with a kitchen that sees light use.

Systems that are cleaned regularly see an enhanced performance, which leads to fewer expensive repairs or replacements, as well as lowered energy bills. Additionally, the health of your family or staff will increase, and you will see the ease of cleaning for your kitchen and HVAC system increase.

How to get your kitchen hood cleaned

If you realize it is time for your regular kitchen hood maintenance, contact the team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions to schedule your regular HVAC system cleaning today.

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