How Often Do Trash Chutes Need to Be Cleaned?

Posted on Oct 15, 2021

When managing a commercial, apartment or condominium building, there is a lot of maintenance that needs to take place. While you are making your annual to-do list, there is one item you should not leave off: cleaning the trash chute. This convenient tube makes it easy and simple for residents and tenants to dispose of trash, but if not properly cared for, the trash chute can quickly become clogged, smelly, moldy or infested with pests. Although it is mostly hidden from sight, your trash chute is just as important to maintain as the exterior of the building or the individual rooms.

Why Should You Clean Your Trash Chute?

There are a number of reasons to have your trash chute cleaned regularly. The nature of the chute is to move garbage from one location to another, and in doing so, organic waste, mold and bacteria sometimes get left behind. These can cause issues such as:

Pest Infestation

Unsanitary conditions and food waste can attract pests such as cockroaches, flies and other insects, which may eventually leave the chute and find their way into the homes or rooms inside the building, causing a full infestation


Moldy foods or kitty litter already have a smell of their own; now imagine them trapped in a confined space for months!


If a chute gets too full or has items stuck inside, it could cause permanent damage to the trash chute


If grease or other debris build up inside the chute, it could lead to grease fires

How Often Should I Clean My Trash Chute?

Trash chute maintenance and cleanings depend on use. In high-use areas, such as commercial buildings or condominium buildings, trash chutes should be cleaned more often. Residential garbage such as rotting food and cat litter can create odors or begin growing mold. These issues can be alleviated with more frequent cleanings, keeping your residents and you as the building owner happy.

In general, trash chutes should be cleaned about once a year or once every two years. Again, this schedule depends more on how many people use the chute and the type of trash they are disposing of. In Hawaii, hot, humid temperatures often exacerbate smells and mold growth, which not only will deter your residents, but can also attract vermin or rodents. Regular cleanings help prevent buildup of mold, smells and pests.

Cleaning The Trash Chute

The best way to clean trash chute in your residential building or commercial building is by hiring a professional cleaning company for the job. While you may be able to clean the top and bottom of the chute, trash, food waste and mold can build up in the middle of the chute. A professional trash chute cleaning company has the tools, cleaning supplies and chemicals to reach and disinfect the entire chute.

A professional cleaning company will not only wash, but also disinfect the chute in a way that is environmentally safe. Since so much garbage, debris and food waste passes through the chute, regular cleaning is very important.

When hiring a company like Airpro Indoor Air Solutions, the professional team will pressure wash the chute with a high-temperature wash, which includes bactericide and insecticide. The team will saturate the entire chute with disinfectants and odor control solutions to keep it fresh longer. Additionally, a professional service will ensure water and debris are cleaned up before the team leaves, so you can come back to a fresh chute!

Booking Your Trash Chute Cleaning

Are you ready to have the trash chute in your residential or commercial building cleaned? Schedule your annual cleaning with the Airpro Indoor Air Solutions team today.

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