Different Types of Hood Systems For Your Restaurant

Posted on Mar 1, 2022

Kitchen hoods are essential for any commercial restaurant kitchen. As the starting point for the commercial kitchen ventilation system, the commercial kitchen hood helps remove pollutants from the air, regulate temperature and prevent fires. However, there are two different types of hood systems made for commercial restaurants. The main difference is the ability to handle grease removal from the air, but there are a few additional differences in installation and function. Learn more about the two types of commercial restaurant hood systems below.

Grease Hoods

The first type of commercial kitchen hood system is commonly referred to as “grease hoods,” although they are known industry-wide as Type 1 commercial hoods. As the name implies, these types of hood systems are designed to remove grease from the air while cooking, and are generally used in kitchens where appliances such as grills, broilers and fryers are functioning. In addition to removing grease from the air, they also are designed to remove heat, smoke, condensation and other greasy by-products of cooking on these appliances.

Regulations require that Type 1 commercial hoods be installed at or above all grease-producing appliances, which includes broilers, fry grills, hot top ranges, ovens, BBQs, rotisseries, steam jacketed kettles, deep fat fryers, as well as any other grease or smoke producing equipment.

These “grease hoods” capture the air above the appliance, which generally contains some amount of grease, steam, heat and smoke, and traps the contaminants before the air is moved through the ductwork and exhaust system to the exterior of the building. This helps regulate the air quality, scents and temperatures of the building and surrounding area, as well as prevent grease fires.

Type 1 hood systems are also installed with a make-up air device, or MUA device, to ensure that fresh air enters the building to make up for the air that is being exhausted.

In addition to use where appliances create grease or give off other contaminants, restaurants can use Type 1 hoods if equipment is located against a wall to help remove heat.

Condensate Hoods

The second type of commercial kitchen hood is called a condensate hood. These are used for collecting and removing steam, vapors, heat, moisture and odors from above appliances that do not produce grease. These might include coffee machines, non-conveying pizza ovens, general ovens and commercial dishwashers. These hoods help to remove heat and steam from the air to create a more comfortable work environment for the employees working in the facility, but are not rated or built to remove grease or heavier pollutants from the air. Type 2 hood systems lack a grease filter. Instead, they are constructed from a standard galvanized duct, instead of being fully welded.

Hood Safety in Commercial Kitchens

As the owner or manager of a commercial kitchen, one of the most important things to remember is that hood systems need to be cleaned and serviced regularly by a professional duct cleaning company to ensure the system continues to operate at peak efficiency. This is especially true to grease hoods. Grease and other by-products can build up in the hood or ductwork over time. If not cleaned regularly by a professional ductwork cleaning company, this could result in a grease fire.

Routine cleaning for the entire system by a professional hood and ductwork cleaning company will ensure vent hoods are free of dangerous grease build-up, which will not only prevent fires, but will also prolong the components of the exhaust system and lower electrical costs.

Cleaning Grease and Condensate Hoods

Whether your commercial kitchen uses a grease or condensate hood ventilation system, ensure you regularly have the system cleaned. Contact the team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions today to schedule cleaning for your grease hood or condensate hood, or if you have additional questions about the health of your commercial kitchen ventilation system.

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