What To Do If Your Trash Chute Smells

Posted on Aug 11, 2022

Trash chutes are one of the systems in a building that many people don’t think about until they stop working properly. Whether in a residential building or an office center, building visitors and residents expect to be able to use the trash chute and forget about it. However, if the trash chute in the building has a smell, chances are that it will leave an impression residents won’t forget. If the trash chute in your building smells, there are a few ways to help – and prevent – the situation. 

Cleaning a trash chute

If the trash chute already stinks, the best thing you can do is have the chute professionally cleaned as soon as possible. The longer gunk and debris build up inside the chute, the worse the smell will become. A professional trash chute cleaning company will complete several tasks that will help alleviate unwanted odors, including: 

  • Use high-powered tools to remove grease, food particles, and mold buildup
  • Deodorize the chute with professional tools and supplies
  • Perform maintenance on the chute, the doors, and the compactor or dumpster area, including preventative maintenance 
  • Check for infestations of pests or mold 

Benefits of having your trash chute professional cleaned 

  • Remove grease, food particles, and mold buildup 
  • Odor control for the homes, apartments, and office building
  • Minimize trash-related smells 

Hazards of a dirty trash chute

In addition to causing odors in the building or chute, a dirty trash chute can have several negative consequences for your building or its residents. A dirty trash chute can increase the risk for grease fires, pest problems, or additional wear-and-tear on the chute or trash compactor. 

How often should trash chutes be cleaned?

Trash chutes should be cleaned at least annually or twice a year, depending on how large they are and how many residents use them. However, don’t wait until your residents complain about a bad smell to schedule a professional trash chute cleaning. Instead, think of trash chute cleaning as preventative maintenance that should be done on a regular basis. This will not only prevent bad smells from forming but will also keep the chute and compactor in working order. 

Schedule routine maintenance

If you maintain a residential building or office complex, ensure that you are maintaining your trash chute through regular professional cleanings. Contact the team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions today to schedule your trash chute cleaning. 

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