The ductwork and HVAC systems in your commercial building are vital components to ensure the business runs smoothly. Whether your building houses a hotel, commercial kitchen and restaurant, or condominiums, the entire heating and cooling system ensures the comfort, health and safety of everyone inside. Many business owners think these components will operate on their own, and assume an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. However, the ductwork and HVAC systems need regular maintenance to continue to operate at maximum capacity.

It is important to maintain and service you HVAC systems regularly for many reasons. An efficient HVAC system not only heats and cools a building for maximum comfort, but also removes pollutants to keep the air quality at a healthy level. If a ductwork and HVAC systems are neglected, however, these components can become a hazard to the health and well being of those in the building. One of the biggest risks is fire hazard.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Prevention Measures

When grease and particles build up in the hood or exhaust of a restaurant kitchen, the buildup is fuel for a potential fire. Fat and grease from the fumes of whatever is cooking condenses on the hood or in the duct, which, when it starts to burn in an environment with air flowing through it, can turn into a blaze. Even filters can get clogged with fat from the fumes, causing their effectiveness to greatly decrease.

Preventing Grease Fires in Commercial Kitchens

The risk of fire in hotel kitchens and restaurants is very real. When dealing with a hot stove, open flame or baking food, the potential for a mistake is high. While an alert, attentive staff can prevent some mistakes, some risks are often unseen, and therefore, out of sight, out of mind. Grease build-up in kitchen hoods and debris left in duct work can be a fire hazard if not regularly cleaned and maintained. According to the National Fire Protection Association, one in five fires at restaurants, bars, cafes and other commercial kitchens had a “failure to clean” the kitchen hood or duct as one of the contributing factors.

Cleaning the hood and ducts in a kitchen greatly reduces that risk. A professional duct cleaning company can easily clean ducts and kitchen hoods, restoring their full potential and preventing fires.

Other Grease Buildup Risks

Other possible risks of grease in a duct system include:

  • Health risks
    A blocked system can push unhealthy fumes back into the kitchen. Regular maintenance helps keep ducts cleaned and in proper working condition.
  • Spending money
    A fire is obviously the most costly situation, often costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in damages. But letting your kitchen hood or restaurant duct go too long without cleaning can also incur costs, with damaged machinery or excessive cleaning costs. A regular maintenance schedule greatly helps lessen these costs.
  • Energy waste 
    A backed up or blocked system simply will not be operating at its highest or best ability. Cleaning your kitchen ducts helps to ensure a smooth operation, getting the most out of your machinery.

Trust the Fire Prevention Professionals

Wondering what cleaning entails, or wondering what a hood cleaning service can do for you? Contact AIRPRO Hawaii today for more information.

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