Restaurant Duct and Exhaust Cleaning

Those who have worked in a restaurant know the importance of duct and exhaust systems. They remove stale air and potential airborne hazards to keep the area clean and healthy and keep smoke and steam out of the room. While countertops, stoves, and dishes are cleaned multiple times throughout the day, keeping the air clean is even more important. Ductwork, kitchen hoods, and exhaust systems help to keep the air free of pollutants, control the temperature and remove unwanted scents.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens have hoods and duct work systems over stoves and appliances to remove steam, smoke, scents, and grease from the air. These establishments, including restaurants, hospitals, hotels, employee cafeterias, and other food services locations, are required to have their hoods and exhaust systems cleaned regularly to keep the air clean and prevent fires.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen exhaust system is often referred to as “hood cleaning,” However, this can be a bit of a misnomer. The actual hood is the canopy outside the exhaust system, the part that can be easily seen above the grill. When a restaurant has a hood cleaning completed, this is generally the same as duct cleaning. This process includes removing grease and debris that has accumulated behind the filters, around the hood, and throughout the ducts and fans of the kitchen exhaust systems.

Restaurant HVAC Cleaning Services

AIRPRO Hawaii completes regular maintenance services for restaurant ducts and exhaust systems. Cleaning these systems on a regular basis — up to several times a year — will help prevent health and fire risks. It will also help elongate the life of your equipment, saving you time and money to replace it.

How Often Should Restaurant Ducts Be Cleaned

The recommended frequency of restaurant duct cleaning depends on the types of cooking, size of the restaurant, and frequency of use. In general, the most common timelines are:

  • Every 30 Days: Wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves, 24-hour restaurants, some hamburger places.
  • Every 60 Days: Fast-food locations or high-volume restaurants like hamburger restaurants.
  • Every 90 Days: Most average restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, or hospital kitchens.
  • Every 180 Days: Pizza places or smaller snack bars
  • Annually: Hoods over non-grease-creating appliances, such as steam kettles, dishwashers, soup vats

Trust the Restaurant Duct Cleaning Professionals

When was the last time your restaurant or commercial kitchen had its kitchen hood, ducts, and exhaust system cleaned? Contact the professional team at Airpro Indoor Air Solutions to schedule your regular maintenance today.

Cleaning HVAC ducts

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