Trash Chute Cleaning

Resident managers and maintenance personnel alike are always working to maintain a beautiful household by completing regular upkeep and chores. One such chore is trash chute cleaning and trash compactor cleaning. For those managing homes and apartments in Hawaii, this can often be one of the most important chores — warm, humid temperatures can easily exacerbate a dirty trash chute, causing harmful molds to grow or attracting vermin and rodents.

Regular upkeep and preventative maintenance is key with trash compactors to control odors and keep pests away. Hiring a professional team to regularly clean a trash chute can save money and lengthen the life of your disposal system. Those cleaning your system can also keep an eye on the disposal system, and can alert the home or apartment owner on any potential hazards that may develop in the future.

Top reasons to keep a trash chute clean:

  • Remove grease, food particles and mold build up
  • Complete odor control by deodorizing homes and apartments, and minimize trash-type smells
  • Remove smells and particles that could attract pests and rodents
  • Reduce the chance of harmful molds growing
  • Lengthen trash chute life

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