Do You Need Home Heating In Hawaii?

Posted on Dec 15, 2020

When picturing Hawaii, many people think of the same thing – sunny days, sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the gentle sea breeze. And they are not wrong! One of the reasons we love living here in Hawaii is the beautiful weather. Many days are sunny and warm, and temperatures vary only slightly season by season. So, if that is the case, do you need heating in Hawaii? In short – it depends, but in some places, yes. 

Hawaii’s climate is fairly temperate, but does vary from city to city, island to island. Some places are warm enough that the homes there may never need heating. However, there are some places in Hawaii that receive lots of rain or even snow, which makes a good heating system a necessity. 

In addition, heating systems do not just provide heat (although that is a big part of it!) Here are a few additional jobs of your HVAC system. 

Prevent mold 

Mold is a common problem in Hawaii. Because it is so warm and humid here, mold and mildew can form just about anywhere. This is a big issue for your home, as mold can cause health problems, as well as deteriorate the value of your home. Air conditioning does affect the humidity level in your home and can prevent buildup due to high humidity we experience being so close to the ocean. Mold can form behind walls and in places that you generally do not see. Your heating and cooling system can help regulate temperatures and remove pollutants from the air, preventing mold. Cleaning your HVAC system regularly can help prevent even more mold growth! 

Preserve Air Quality 

HVAC systems do more than heat or cool the home. In addition to these jobs, your HVAC system can help improve the air quality in your home. As the HVAC system moves through its cycle, it is removing dust, debris, dander and other pollutants from the air. Your HVAC system will need its air filter replaced routinely as well.

Home type 

In Hawaii, homes are not usually made to withstand cold weather. Many homes are not insulated, or not as insulated as homes on the mainland. Because of that, when it does get cooler, you will feel it, especially if you are used to 75 to 85 degree days. Even 70 degrees starts to feel chilly! Homes are made to ventilate easier to keep cool, so the heat easily leaves the home. 


Sure, it may seem like it is always beautiful and sunny here, but we also get a lot of rain and a fair amount of wind. Your comfort while you are at home is also important! If you are a person who tends to get cold easier, or you just like to be toasty all the time (that is part of why we live in Hawaii after all, right?) why not have a home with heating? 

Complete HVAC system 

If your home already has air conditioning or other ventilation, a heating system will use the same duct work. It is easy to complete the HVAC system if one component is already in place! 

While not every home in Hawaii will need heat, there are some that definitely will! Additionally, it is up to the homeowner’s preference as to whether heating and cooling are important to them, especially for all the reasons listed above. If you do have a heating or cooling system in Hawaii, make sure you maintain it regularly by getting it serviced through a company like Air Pro Indoor Air Solutions. Contact our team today to schedule your annual maintenance

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